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Download Your Alkaline Diet Course

Alkaline Diet Main Download #1:

The Main Acid Alkaline Balance Diet Book

Alkaline Diet Download #2:

Alkaline Diet Journal

Alkaline Diet Main Download #3:

Alkaline Diet Shopping Guide

Alkaline Diet Download #4:

Alkaline Diet Recipes (Lite)

Alkaline Diet Main Download #5:

Quick Start Guide

Alkaline Diet Download #6:

Alkaline Diet Food Chart

Alkaline Diet Download #7:

Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes

Alkaline Diet Download #8:

56 Days Enhanced Alkalizing Meal Plans

Alkaline Diet Download #9:

56 Days Enhanced Alkalizing Meal Plans Recipes

Bonuses #1 - Pure Relaxation mp3 Pure Relaxation mp3
Bonuses #2 - Deeper Sleep mp3 Deeper Sleep mp3
Bonuses #3 -Stress Relief mp3 Stress Relief mp3
Mp3 Bonuses #1 - Power Energy Booster Health Subliminal CD - Power Energy Booster
Mp3 Bonuses #2 - Creativity Sensory Booster Health Subliminal CD - Creativity Sensory Booster
Mp3 Bonuses #3 - Body Confidence Booster Health Subliminal CD - Body Confidence Booster

Instructions for Downloading:
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the links below that name of the ebooks. You'll see a box like the one to the right open up.

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Download Your Alkaline Gourmet Package

Alkaline Enhanced Meal Plans Recipes Download #1:

Enhanced Alkaline Recipes

Alkaline Italian Delights Download #2:

Alkaline Italian Delights

Alkaline Green Smoothies Download #3:

Alkaline Green Smoothies Recipes

Alkaline Salad Gourmet Download #4:

Alkaline Salad Gourmet

Alkaline Avocado Delights Download #5:

Alkaline Avocado Delights

Alkaline Natural Juicing Recipes Download #6:

Alkaline Natural Juicing Recipes

Gourmet Fruit Ice Cream Recipes Download #7:

Gourmet Fruit Ice Cream Recipes

You can spend the next couple of days reading the entire course so that you know what is needed to start the alkaline diet.

How to use this membership area:

At the right side of this membership area, you will see a special menu that will only appear when you are logged into the membership area.

You will be able to

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2) Participate, ask questions and communicate with other members based on the content of the membership blog entry.

We believe that when we participate, we are able to learn from other members too. If you have any question with regards to the content in the particular page, feel free to drop a question too.

3) Access and receive latest reports & research on nutrition, lifestyle and of course Alkaline Diet.

If you have any problems regarding the download, feel free to email me at

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10 Responses to “The Alkaline Diet Member’s & Alkaline Gourmet Package Area (upgrade)”

  1. Mr William McLaughlin

    10. Aug, 2016

    Approx 6 months ago I started drinking Alkalised Water and started taking the Supplement Ukon Tumeric . I suffer from Arthritis in my left knee and in my hands, and i have a few other health issues as well. I am scared that the arthritis will spread to other parts of my body and that was the reason for starting the water & supplements. However i realise now that i have to also pay attention to what i am eating as the Alkalised Water alone will not fully Alkalise my body on it’s own. I am 59 yrs old and i would like to think that i could be as mobile as is possible for a few years yet and enjoy my grand-children growing up. However it’s a very true saying, We are what we Eat.

  2. Nicole c thompson

    27. May, 2016

    wow, these recipes are awesome. I am so excited to get started.

  3. Jeannette DeMichelis

    23. Apr, 2016

    I read somewhere that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body!! Striving for an alkaline body!

    • Kaye

      25. Jun, 2016

      Hi Jeannette, I have just ordered this diet and hope that we are both successful! I have also heard that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline state. @Jeannette DeMichelis

  4. Carmen Santana

    20. Jul, 2015

    Well today is July 19, 2015 its the first day i begin this new out look in changing my health. thanks Emma

  5. Cynthia Miller

    04. Feb, 2015

    Just downloaded the recipes and look forward to going through them! thanks

  6. Carrie Eaton

    20. Jan, 2015

    I totally believe that we need to alkalize our bodies in order to stay beyond healthy. These recipes & guidance will help me do it. Thank you!!

  7. Margo Hanner

    07. Dec, 2014

    Want to begin today. Sounds extremely interesting.

  8. barbara levan

    07. Oct, 2014

    Can’t wait to get started, our health is in need of help and we are seniors, let’s see how it goes!

  9. Sherry Patterson

    07. Aug, 2014

    We’ll see how it goes.

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