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118 Responses to “Alkaline Diet & Foods Member Home”

  1. Otho Tilby

    20. Oct, 2017

    Oct 20, 2017. Just getting started with the program and finding my way around. Completed the downloads to my computer and ready to start learning. I was diagnosed with colon cancer a couple of months ago and decided not to follow the standard medical protocol for this cancer which involved surgery and no doubt followed by chemo. After consultation with my physician, the oncologist, and surgeon, I just could not bring myself to face the extreme invasiveness of the procedures recommend. My objective is to destroy the cancer with radical diet changes which I have already started but found that my PH was acidic which is supportive of cancer and that is why this program was attractive to me. This will be added to what I have already studied out and I am confident it will be a great help. Thanks to the author(S) of this site I feel I have the directions needed to accomplish the necessary goals. I’ll keep in touch.

  2. Connie Fusco

    01. Mar, 2017

    I am so tired of being tired all the time. No matter how much sleep I get, I’m always tired. I had bariatric surgery, and have lost over 100 pounds, but I still can’t get my weight to the right point. My knees and legs hurt when I walk. I have no energy to exercise. My doctor keeps playing around with my diabetes meds, but I still can’t get them under control. I just want to feel good!

  3. Charlene Murphy

    08. Jan, 2017

    Can’t wait to get started! Where do I log in?

  4. Pamela Edwards

    29. Dec, 2016

    Where do i go to log in

  5. Franci Mendoza

    28. Oct, 2016

    I am not clear if I have completed the correct information as I received so may emails and links. please contact me and let me know. thanks you.

  6. Allison Finney

    16. Sep, 2016



    14. Sep, 2016


  8. Larry Mires

    03. Aug, 2016

    I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and right hand that is not caused by diabetes. Doctor says it’s a pitched nerve in both arms and since I refuse to take prescription medications to ease the symptoms he has said surgery on both arms to move the nerve to the other side of my arm is my only recourse. I’m hoping this program will be effective for that and generally improve my overall health. My goal is to lose about 25# and go from my current 38″ waist back to a 34″ waist. If my hair grows back, too, I’m flying there to kiss you!

  9. Kathleen Kattija Ari

    02. Jun, 2016

    I’m scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy in two weeks. Should I still do a detox before beginning the Alkaline Foods Diet? The above medical screenings require fasting and pre-screening barium.

  10. Jayne Biermann

    06. Jan, 2016

    We never have carbs for breakfast ,perhaps green apple and cottage cheese lunch chic breast and salad ,morning snack orange, night meal steak 100gram and veg
    BUT now I am having greens in a wrap. But I WAS having coffee and milk. I really miss my coffee. Jayne

  11. Colin Murchie

    31. Dec, 2015

    I can’t find my e books to download

  12. Jayne Biermann

    30. Dec, 2015

    Do you give a day to day diet as in 7days of what to eat and recipes all set out as this is what I want
    I can’t keep down loading to try and find it so please give me the link if you have one thanks Jayne biermann

  13. Jayne Biermann

    28. Dec, 2015

    Hi I will try my best I just hope it’s for real

  14. Rebecca J. Moore

    07. Oct, 2015

    Claudia the ringing in ears is probably tinitis ( not sure of cause) — have had it for years and have recently been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease; as for the burning in toe it may be the start of Gout –excess uric acid levels in the body- believe me it’s very painful. I’m hoping this information will help me straighten my body out so it can heal itself.

    • Brenda Harker

      30. Oct, 2015

      I have had gout several times. I’ve found the best thing is to eat a can or 2 of dark cherries. It goes away every time.

  15. Ursula R Williams

    18. Jun, 2015

    I recently moved into a very nice retirement home. I am 84 and don’t need to lose weight. I have bad digestive problems (diarrhea & constipation), dizziness & fatigue. All our meals are prepared, but there are choices. I always abstain from meat, bread & most grains, as well as sweets. There is always a wonderful salad bar (much of it organic), and fruit. How can I adhere to this program (without cooking myself) and heal my gut?

  16. Eulah Hennesss

    03. Jun, 2015

    does eating Gluten free bread, crackers & cereal make a difference in the acidity of the product

    • Alkaline Diet Support

      04. Jun, 2015

      Not really. It will depend on the alkalizing minerals in the foods itself.

  17. Janet Bennett

    09. May, 2015

    I just joined and am looking forward to loosing at least 30 lbs. & achieving optimal health. Thanks you


    25. Apr, 2015

    I hope it works!

  19. ;Darlene Herrick

    22. Apr, 2015

    what and why are there donate points?

  20. Deborah Smisek

    22. Apr, 2015

    I have Takayasu’s Arteritis and taking prednisone and Methotrexate. I have gained 20 pounds since the first of December (2014) and i’m just miserable. My face is round and i am just fat. My appetite is insatiable due to the prednisone. I have done some research into the Paleo diet, which is similar, but it seems to be very restrictive. I’m hoping i will like this diet better.

  21. Brett Stevens

    05. Apr, 2015

    How do I download the program?

  22. Frances A Williams

    24. Mar, 2015

    Praying that I will lose the gas and bloating that plagues me as well as lose weight. I am doing this not only for my self, but for my family

  23. Bonnie McGinnis

    22. Mar, 2015

    Hoping for better stomach health!

  24. Marilyn J Miller

    16. Mar, 2015

    Hope this helps me help my family too

  25. Gail Traczyk

    28. Feb, 2015

    Hope it works


    07. Feb, 2015

    Lets get going

  27. Manuela Da Silva

    28. Jan, 2015

    Hope it works!!

  28. Dahleen Castleberry

    20. Dec, 2014

    ive always thought I’ve eaten well but this is a big difference in the way it’s presented and looking forward to increasing my health to a higher level

  29. Stacey Blanks

    28. Nov, 2014

    I’m going to be looking good and feeling good

  30. Winnie Sim

    24. Nov, 2014

    Looking forward to receive the material.

  31. Stacey Blanks

    23. Nov, 2014

    I can’t wait

  32. garry baker

    18. Nov, 2014

    Please help me AMEN.

  33. James d Cormier

    16. Aug, 2014

    I have acid reflux , with a burning tongue, hope I can change all of this with the alkaline diet, also having trouble signing back in, help please

  34. Rita B. Yost

    11. Aug, 2014

    I pray for relief from obesity and a bleeding ulcer by relearning to eat this way.

  35. Sherry Patterson

    07. Aug, 2014

    I’ve downloaded now I’ll try to get started tomorrow. I was already familiar with alkalinizing as I have a small problem with Gout and this way of eating is the key to not taking Allopurinol for treatment. A drug with horrible side effects, also have Fibromyalgia and now added Lupus and also somewhat controlled Type II Diabetes and high BP.
    We shall see how this progresses.

  36. nancy young

    22. Jul, 2014

    Looking forward to beginning!

  37. stephanie salemi

    16. Jul, 2014

    I just learned that acidic foods can/will result in osteoperosis, rather bone mass loss So this is a great product!

  38. dora a. hare

    07. Jul, 2014

    looking forward to a beeter, helthier life.

  39. Holly H Saraian-Saleh

    04. Jul, 2014

    Just starting. I hope this works for me .I have tried everything, I am looking forward to loosing 30 pounds.

  40. Vanessa Cherry

    25. May, 2014

    Just signed up for the diet and am super excited to START! I am pray full that this will work…I have been drinking the alkaline water and it has worked wonders… so I am looking forward to a change in diet and what that will bring:) Le.go…

  41. Betty J. Gasse

    24. Apr, 2014

    Can`t wait to get the materials…….

  42. Betty J. Gasse

    24. Apr, 2014

    4 days into it and I am still waiting to download.

  43. Pat Harbert

    09. Apr, 2014

    Thank you

  44. Sandra Wilson

    07. Mar, 2014

    I’m ready to give it a try. Hopefully, it will be some help for my Psroiatic Arthritis.

  45. Al Choiniere

    04. Mar, 2014

    Type your comment here…

  46. Denise Burrus

    23. Feb, 2014

    If you like drinking iced (black) tea – does drinking it with natural lemon or lemon juice help reduce its acidity?

  47. Sylvia Beach

    02. Feb, 2014

    Can’t wait to get started

  48. Luzviminda Payumo

    22. Jan, 2014

    Thank you for the attention given to my request.

  49. JulieK

    08. Jan, 2014

    After being told by doctors and counselors that I needed to “learn to cope” with long-term IBS, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia….I have decided to take my health back.

    I have been a faithful, dutiful patient for doctors to “practice” medicine on for years and I am finally just done with unhelpful doctor appointments, emergency room visits and expensive medications.

    It’s a New Year! A new beginning to learn and heal!

    • Sherry L King

      13. Jul, 2014

      Julie, Good for you. I have heard your story so many times an have enjoyed good health by eating more veggies and fruit for many years. This will change your life. Good Luck and Enjoy

  50. Valerie Morris

    07. Jan, 2014

    Is there any advice for someone dealing with diverticulitis? What foods should be avoided/consumed while inflamed?

  51. Lesley Ramsteadt

    02. Nov, 2013

    Today was the day that i purchased the Alkaline diet program & joined with my registration to a happy & joyful healthy lifestyle! I’m so excited & i am hoping that it will work for me. I’m a person that i’snt heavily over weight but, i have gained some weight but, i do want to be eating the right foods to keep me healthy inside & out. Not only me & my family!

    #Lesley ツ

  52. Carol Coats

    28. Oct, 2013

    I’m anxious to get started….tell me how!


    26. Sep, 2013

    Joined yesterday, did my shopping today using the shopping list guide, weighed myself, and am now about to clean out my fridge and pantry. Im so sick of being sick… now im excited to be taking control. Thank you!

  54. Suzanne Crouse

    05. Sep, 2013

    Looking forward to starting this program!

  55. Brooklyn Schultz

    30. Aug, 2013

    I’m in and ready to go!

  56. jacklyn stevens

    24. Aug, 2013

    i refuse to give up meat, and dairy completely!

    • Alkaline Diet Support

      26. Aug, 2013

      Hi Jacklyn, you don’t need to give them up completely. But just balance them appropriately so that your overall body state is alkalizing.

  57. sonya lubner

    19. Aug, 2013

    OH NO!! When I clicked to confirm your email prior to downloading, the process was interrupted so now the page I need to begin the download. Please HELP. Thanks.

  58. Chai Chaichamlert

    18. Aug, 2013

    Let get started.

  59. Wanda Gadbury

    01. Aug, 2013

    Hi! I just purchased this! I am excited. I have Rosecea and have used alkalizing to get rid of flare ups that are horrible. I know if I eat certain things, it takes it away, and those things are alkalizing foods. I am excited to see what all is included! Ok, happy journey to you all and good luck to everyone!

  60. Kenneth Starnes

    26. Jul, 2013

    Lets get on with it


    22. Jul, 2013

    I flew to Calgary thirty years ago to consult with Carl REICH, he was a great physician who solved my asthma problem

  62. Daniel J Halley

    14. Jun, 2013

    Please Hurry With Full Plan! I AM Hungry, and Don’t want to Eat The Wrong Things Today!!

  63. Linda F Birdsong

    10. Jun, 2013

    I have been a member of a weight loss excersize club here in my home town of Texarkana for several months that also started me on alkaline water and Himalayan crystal salt which I eat on my foods and cook with regularly. I must say I did feel better but the cost was starting to be an issue with me. I currently am on blood pressure med and med for my low thyroid and should be taking high cholesterol med but cant due to the cost! I am going to commit to this for a while and hopefully this will be the answer to all my ailments!


    02. Jun, 2013


  65. Marie McNamara

    16. May, 2013

    Looking forward to a healthy lifestyle.

  66. Antone Turley

    01. May, 2013

    I am confirming my excitment

  67. farra m. ashford

    26. Apr, 2013

    of all the diet books and i have read, this seems more logical than any thing i ever read,thing is coffee suppliers don,t want us to stop drinking coffee, so they tell us it,s healthy for us, same with milk, and meat.i,m ready for a change, i look forward to better health.

  68. Jane L Howell

    24. Apr, 2013

    This seems interesting. I’m a bit skeptical as I have been with other “Miracle Diets”. I will certainly put it to the test.

  69. Lucretia S Scott

    24. Apr, 2013

    What does it mean to donate points??

    • Alkaline Diet Support

      24. Apr, 2013

      the point system is a new system we’ve implemented into our system to encourage everyone to participate more. In the future, we are planning to give away prizes to those with the point system.

  70. Shirley T Hooks

    22. Apr, 2013

    I hope to feel better .

  71. niall Moriarty

    13. Mar, 2013

    This is permission to send me updates.

    Thanks a lot.

  72. Marcie Bouw

    11. Feb, 2013

    The food chart mentions that all cooked vegetables are acidic. Does that mean that veggies should all be consumed raw to be considered alkaline?

    • Alkaline Diet Support

      15. Feb, 2013

      Marie: What the food chart actually means is that the more cooked the vegetables are, the more acidic they are. And it is usually depending on how you cooked the vegetables.

      Eating raw is the best way for most vegetables. But if you like to cook it, trying steaming the veggies or maybe even pressure cooking it.

      Warmest Regards,
      Customer Relations Executive

  73. Anita L Martin

    09. Feb, 2013

    I’ve been drinking Kangen Water [alkalized] for three years and always got the good benefits. Yet now I really need to incorporate a FULL alkalized DIET for better health, especially in the digestive arena. I’m looking forward to the learning put into action process. I’ve definitely felt the effects of the opposite type diet lately and I’m in pain, in my gut, muscles, skin issues, brain fog, lethargy, depression. I’ve lost my hair, teeth falling out or breaking; especially the chewing teeth; Sjogren’s Syndrome; have a coated tongue periodically. Thank you for being where I could find you just when I really need your information.

  74. Wendy P Greaves

    29. Jan, 2013

    I have been eating veges and juicing for 3 days and I think I am on my way now that I have all this awesome information …I can’t wait to read it all and reap the benefits – thank you 😉 Wendy Greaves

  75. Armida M. Baker

    28. Jan, 2013

    Can’t wait to get started. Am tired of the Chronic fatigue

  76. Richard L. Moynihan

    14. Dec, 2012


  77. Carol Finiani

    11. Dec, 2012

    Want to get started.


    15. Oct, 2012

    My husband of 56 yrs. has terminal cancer. I wish to improve both our health.I have been told that cancer does not do well in analkaline . But likes acid. I have also been told their are some patients at the cancer center that are on this program. So, here we are, looking forward to better health.

  79. Esther Green Vargas

    02. Oct, 2012


  80. Susan C Tinker

    29. Sep, 2012

    This is permission to send me updates. Thanks

  81. John Gleeson

    16. Sep, 2012

    Hi I have downloaded the following: alkaline diet journal; the Alkaline Recipes; quickstart guide; Alkaline Food Chart; Quick Weight Loss E book; How to Boost Metabolism; alkaline salad gourmet;
    I think I’m missing at least 2, ie, the Acid Alkaline Manual and the one with Enhanced in the title. Hope you can help. I am not a monthly renewable member.
    Regards John

  82. Gilbert Montoya

    04. Sep, 2012

    I am not able to download the course. Please help

  83. Mary Berning

    03. Sep, 2012

    Can’t wait to get started

  84. Marlene A. MacInnis

    24. Aug, 2012

    It’s my first day and I have no idea what to do as yet. I am looking forward to begining …

  85. cori randolph

    06. May, 2012

    what does it mean to donate point?

    • Alkaline Diet Support

      07. May, 2012

      Hi Cori, there’s a new feature that we are adding on for our members to participate more in the website. Do you have any suggestions of what you would like to see of what we can do with the points system?

  86. teri wildes

    18. Mar, 2012

    i will try and see if i can help those in need as well. I have oodles of natural health experience as well as a business card coming in the mail, going to teach a new Natural health class and books on how to correct diseases thru vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic and Traditional chinese medicine as well as acupressure, hydrotherapy, reflexology and aromatherapy. Hope i can help yall out. A little background on me first off…5 years ago i was on 12 medicines for everything under the sun it seemed like and now i take one for an allergy to my cat which i wont part with for anything. God is helping me to fix all of my health problems as we are speaking. Let me know what you need and then we can work together on solving them. That used to me, see. Anyway, got to go now….

    • Deirdre

      15. Nov, 2012

      very positive intro! Have you had any dealings with hypothryoid? I would love to know if there is a solution to this

  87. James Delia

    11. Mar, 2012

    I am starting today

  88. Sarah Chrystal

    05. Feb, 2012

    I am so excited to see this information!

  89. paul dunard

    29. Dec, 2011

    I am confirming my permission for youto send me your e-mails.
    Paul DuNard

  90. Claire M. Pearson

    26. Dec, 2011

    Very interesting positive comments. I do not want to lose much weight, just need to make my body “firm” and solid in appearance, no flabby weight in my appearance.

  91. Cec Bailey

    26. Dec, 2011

    Looking forward to having more energy and vitality as i have been tired and letharic for quite a long time.

  92. Beatrice Muhammad

    14. Nov, 2011

    We’re looking forward to learning about correcting our ph balance. God willing this will help us, my husband & I, to address many of our health concerns.
    The page changed before I entered my username, Missed the code or ID number I was to copy.

  93. Larry and Nancy Holder

    06. Nov, 2011

    I am so tired of being sick and tired! I have been trying to follow an alkaline diet for 2 weeks and already feel much better. This course should help to better understand and follow an alkaline diet.

  94. gregg darrell

    27. Oct, 2011

    hi lookinjg foward to getting started i have arthritis little overweight and some other issue that i will talk about as i go through this progam

  95. Leo L. Goodin

    25. Oct, 2011

    I am anxiously awaiting all information from you to begin my diet.
    Leo G.

  96. Dakota Blue

    05. Oct, 2011

    I have spent so much at the dentist in the last few years it is crippling financially. Eventually the dentist took an alkaline/acid litmus test and guess where my saliva was. So acidic. My diet is pretty good, could be better which I can sort out but what is ruining my teeth are medications from the Doctor. Anti this and anti that , it’s like the anti histamines for sinus, anti depressants, which I know I can cut down, Anti anxiety which I don’t need anymore. The list is pretty big.
    Anyone else with this problem ??

  97. Alki

    20. Sep, 2011

    Just trying to get my health back.

  98. Alkaline Diet Support

    23. Aug, 2011

    @Beverly Wheeler: You can download the entire program at You would need to enter your username and password first.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.

  99. Beverly Wheeler

    22. Aug, 2011

    Your web site timed out before I could download my entire program. I have come back and it is gone. How do I get to download the rest?????

  100. Waleria M. Ribeiro

    09. Aug, 2011

    I have a little health food store, making big waves in my little town. I’ve heard of the alcaline diet before, but did not have a comprehensive experience with it. This is what I want to gain from this program.

  101. Josh BEESLEY

    23. Jul, 2011

    I’m Josh and I am 16 years old and I am just making a change from junk food, I have never had a weight problem, but I new that inside of me wasn’t healthy, I have been healthy for 3 months now and I can see massive difference in my abdominals and obliques and I feel better. I just hope this website works 🙂

  102. lee campbell

    17. May, 2011

    does all the alkaline food you eat have to be organic or can you buy it normally from the supermarket?

    the only organic i have is apple juice.

    • Alkaline Diet Support

      18. May, 2011

      @lee campbell: It is not necessary to buy organic for every foods. It is a personal choice of eating organic or not because you realize that some foods we normally eat are full of pesticides and it would harm our body and health.

  103. Ariella D Brosan

    11. Mar, 2011

    i need to shrink a tumour that is badly situated. This diet is going to be tough as i love my meat and fish & grains (albeit very balanced with lots of fruits and veges). but if i dont shrink it i am going to loose my pelvic floor (where the tumour is) and associated functions.

    • Barbara Lanz

      02. May, 2012

      Hi, I read about your tumor, and thought I would also mention that food grade hydrogen peroxide has been used to treat cancer. A friend of mine recovered from stage 4 lymphoma. So, it is a different type, and you need to research it and find the dosage you would need. There are no clinical trials because its not something drug companies can charge a lot of money for, since you can get it anywhere.

  104. claudia m pacheco

    09. Mar, 2011

    I do not have any comments, only that i want to get my health back. I have ringing in my head and also burning in my big toe on my left foot.

  105. claudia m pacheco

    09. Mar, 2011

    i can`t wait to get started.

    • Elizabeth Philpot

      25. Nov, 2012

      Neither can I … it sounds amazing and, as I have struggled with my weight and health for the past 55 years I admit to being skeptical ,,, however, I was very impressed with the science behind it and am looking forward to being successful THIS time!

    • Donna Navarrete

      30. Apr, 2014

      I just purchased the Alkaline Diet Program. I said yes to almost all of the questions regarding being acidic.
      I’m really looking forward to this program and want it to work for me so I can feel good again instead of no energy, edema, sudden weight gain without a definitive reason, and more.

      Wishing everyone success with this program.

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